"We very much enjoyed this light, refreshing, flavour filled wine. We will definitely buy it again and wish you well in your endeavours."

George C, U.K.

"This is the best prosecco I've ever had! So easy to drink, light, crisp and refreshing. Be warned you may just drink the whole bottle in one go!"

Ven W, U.K.

"I bought SAV to celebrate my wife's birthday.  It was very light with a unique flavour that created reminiscences of Swedish forests and clean fresh air/water.  Refreshingly different from other fizzy wines that we might typically have drank on that occasion.  I'm glad I came across it and it was as easy to purchase as it was to drink.."

Paul M, U. K.

"Yes, I enjoyed the wine that is really good. I live in Franciacorta (northern Italy), which is a land of wine, so I know a bit about the topic"

Paolo B, Italy

"Thank you for your email. We have very much enjoyed our SAV pétillant and will undoubtedly be ordering more. It is a delicious and refreshing alternative to regular champagne, with interesting and complex taste notes."

Hector M, U. K.

"SAV was lovely, we had it with lobster as it was dry enough. It has a slight sweetness that makes it flexible to be had with a range of foods. We loved it and ordered some more which we are saving for special meals. No more champagne for us!"

Sheena M, Scotland

"I would like to thank you and all of the team that works hard to make this wonderful product!"

Ashley W, U. K.