Enjoy nature as its best. Learn more about the organic and vegan friendly sparkling wine from Sweden. 

SAV 1785 Petillant naturel

SAV 1785 - Petillant Naturel is probably the purest sparkling wine you will ever experience. While pesticides are being used on a vast majority  of all grapes - we use nothing!

You will even see the purity of the wine when opening your first bottle. It has a clear and unique color. Almost like sparkling water, but loaded with flavorings from the nature of the north.

When the bubbles settles in the glass you know you are about to experience something new…


Méthode Suédoise

Wines have been made for centuries and there are many known methods for producing different types of sparkling wines. 

Our SAV 1785 is produced in a way that combines the "méthode traditionelle”, and the "méthode ancestrale".

We call our way of making the wine sparkle, the ”méthode suédoise”. Before the first fermentation in tank is finished, we add some yeast and sugar and move the wine into a bottle where it becomes bubbly and reaches perfection.

This is a Swedish wine, and the way of doing it was developed by us, in Sweden, to suit our base for the wine, the birch’s sap. Therefor we call it ”méthode suédoise”.

Enjoy Swedish excellence

When we let clean water, fresh air and untouched nature become the main ingrediencies in a wine, the result is a well-balanced sparkling wine with a pure, fresh and crispy taste and a touch of sweetness. 






Prod. method: 

750 ml



Sparkling wine


Organic, vegan friendly

Méthode Suédoise

Sparkling wine - like no other